When is SolarCity’s roof-integrated solar system going to debut?

Elon Musk made a surprise, grand pronouncement during SolarCity’s second quarter earnings call in August, that the company’s next big innovation would be the solar integrated roof. He described it as such at the time:

Musk: “The interesting thing about this is that it actually doesn’t cannibalize the existing product of putting solar on roof, because essentially if your roof is nearing end-of-life, you definitely don’t want to put solar panels on it because you’re going to have to replace the roof. So, there is a huge market segment that is currently inaccessible to SolarCity, because people know they’re going to have to replace their roof, you don’t want to put solar panels on top of a roof you’re going to replace.”

A bold and risky move, but with big risk could maybe come big rewards. The only thing left to know is when this statement will become a tangible product. Well, Musk took to Twitter recently for that update:

— Solar Builder magazine

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