​GBI Commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

Article I.

GBI Commitment to DEIB

GBI believes that diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) are critical to a welcoming, effective, and successful organization.

Our vision – sustainable, healthy, and resilient buildings for all – and our mission – to reduce climate impacts by improving the built environment – are intrinsically tied to living our DEIB Commitment.

GBI’s mission-critical objectives and principles include these two statements related to DEIB:

  • Provide quality education that supports a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workforce for all levels of learners.
  • Foster respectful and inclusive communitieswhere transparency, consensus, due process, diversity, equity, inclusivity, openness, and innovation are guiding tenets.

To these ends, GBI commits to taking purposeful actions to deconstruct barriers and build opportunities for learning, change, and accountability.

GBI commits to fostering growth, measuring effectiveness, and demonstrating accountability through annual reporting on efforts to integrate and reinforce DEIB throughout our activities and audiences, including the Board of Directors, staff, members, assessors, external stakeholders, and community.

Article II.

Definitions & Defining Statements



Diversity is what makes people different. Aspects of diversity include ethnic background, race, culture, heritage, religion, gender, gender identity, age, socioeconomic status, political perspectives, language, differing abilities, sexual orientation, and experiences in the workplace and communities in which we live.

Defining Statements


  • We aspire to build a diverse organization that reflects the demographics and perspectives of the clients and communities impacted by our work.
  • We embrace diversity as an asset for learning and growing and recognize its importance in achieving our mission.
  • We benefit when a wide variety of individuals are empowered to collaborate and excel.
  • We take actions that proactively engage, seek to understand, and draw on a range of identities, perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences leading to better results.
  • We believe that taking purposeful strategic actions to increase our focus on diversity helps us reach our broader objectives and live out our organizational principles.



Equity is created when the fair treatment of all people provides equal access, opportunity, and advancement.

Defining Statements


  • We strive to identify and neutralize barriers in our organization and systems that can inhibit pursuit of our mission.
  • We cultivate access and opportunities by establishing processes that provide for listening and engaging with groups or individuals that have identified barriers or are impacted by barriers.
  • We aim to achieve results from these efforts that ensure full participation by all groups and individuals, fair and equal treatment of all stakeholders, and a sense of belonging for all.



Inclusion is creating an environment where people of diverse backgrounds are acknowledged, invited, and welcomed with ease.

Defining Statements


  • We create environments where all stakeholders are respected, supported, welcomed, and enabled to participate in creating value for the organization and the communities in which we work.
  • We encourage trust and candor as outcomes of inclusive environments that are necessary for effective and innovative organizations.



Belonging is the feeling of security and support when there is a sense of acceptance, respect, inclusion, and identity for members of every group.

Defining Statements


  • We desire that a sense of security and support will be an outcome of the acceptance, respect, diversity of identities, and inclusion that GBI fosters within its organization and community.
  • We believe that genuine feelings of belonging improve engagement for individuals and the organization.

Article III.

Strategies & Periodic Reviews

To achieve the benefits of DEIB integration throughout the organization and demonstrate accountability, GBI commits to the following strategies.

Institutionalize Education, Training, and Sharing

  • Provide access to and measure participation and effectiveness of annual training, workshops, thought leadership, and dialogue opportunities aimed at audiences that include GBI Board, staff, assessors, standards development stakeholders, and our larger community.
  • Maintain a “champions of change” or train-the-trainer program to support training and dialogue as onboarding occurs and as GBI’s community evolves and grows.
  • Share lessons learned through GBI’s CEO Commitments through National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS) and PwC’s CEO Action Pledge.

Conduct Periodic Surveys & Provide for Stakeholder Input

  • Survey periodically (e.g., annually, or as needed) Board, staff, assessors, standards development stakeholders, and other communities on DEI demographics, training effectiveness, satisfaction, comfort, culture, and changes in perception and understanding in support of GBI’s DEIB program.
  • Provide website access and instructions on how to submit input on the effectiveness of GBI’s DEIB policy implementation.

Support Service to Communities

  • Dedicate funds annually for one or more community equity or public benefit program(s) aligned with GBI’s mission.
  • Provide for volunteer paid time off of GBI staff in support of community benefit programs.

Recruit and Educate Toward DEIB Objectives

  • Conduct outreach and use recruitment strategies to foster diverse candidate representation for GBI Board, staff, assessors, and standards development.
  • Provide for annual scholarships, stipends, or discounted access to education aimed at audiences that will contribute to the diversity of GBI and its community.

Address Accessibility

  • Improve and maintain accessibility for differently abled persons and others with special needs to benefit from and contribute to GBI’s website, events, publications, online tools, education programs, and recruitment opportunities.

Include DEIB in GBI Annual Reporting

  • GBI will report on DEIB activities and outcomes as part of an annual report to stakeholders using metrics set as part of annual operational planning.

Article IV.


Articles I and II of the GBI Commitment to DEIB are reviewed and updated as needed by the full GBI Board of Directors.

Article III of the GBI Commitment to DEIB is reviewed and updated annually by GBI’s Executive Committee.

First Board approval – June 1, 2022

Executive Committee approval of Article III – May 19, 2022

[source: https://thegbi.org/about-gbi/press-room/article/gbi-commitment-to-DEIB]






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