5 Inexpensive Ways to Start Your Eco Friendly Home

Green living is not a fashion, nor a trendy topic to discuss through the social networking sites. Green living, global warming, ecology, and environmental awareness are not only subjects of discussion in the news, but also at the table of governments around the world. If you have never considered what green living can do for you, pay attention to this article because you can shift to a more sustainable life starting your own ecofriendly home in a very inexpensive way.

First off, by green, ecofriendly living we do not mean turning your home into an interior garden, although vegetation certainly contributes to environmental relief, an ecofriendly house is a building in which a series of changes to substitute non-renewable sources for sustainable alternatives such as installation of solar panels, wind turbines, etc.

There are many ways to save money implementing inexpensive solutions at home including:

  • Utilization of saving lights rather than ordinary bulbs
  • Start collecting rainwater in a tank on the roof
  • Shower with cold water when the weather allows
  • Reusing materials for making gifts, crafts and wrappings
  • Buying second-hand furniture in good condition
  • Having a compost in your yard
  • Wearing more clothes in winter rather than install a heating system
  • Turn off your computer when not in use
  • Remove your old outdoor mailbox and encourage being emailed instead

Even though, you can start you ecofriendly home by simply reducing, reusing and recycling, which is not only one of the inexpensive ways to shift to living green, but also one of the best way to save money in living costs. Limiting water use and power consumption are inexpensive actions, so re-using as many items as you can. In fact, you can even make some extra cash by taking newspaper, aluminum cans, PET and plastic bottles to a recycler center.

Naturally, green living makes it possible to contribute with the quality of the air we breathe, so start growing your own garden inside and out of the house. Lush vegetation looks great, is inexpensive, and helps to reduce carbon monoxide, while absorbing pollutants and releasing oxygen. Perhaps you already have plants that you can use for gardening a better green life for you and your family.

Cars and any other engine using gasoline or petroleum are two sources that you must get rid of, or at least reduce their use as much as you can. Biking or walking instead of using your car will cut down on gas usage, car repairing and maintenance cost, while contributing to the environment. Eco friendly homes are powered by alternative and renewable resources, which are inexpensive when compared with those devices and appliances using non-renewable energy.

However the concept of having an ecofriendly home also includes household products that you use on a daily basis, for which you pay a fortune despite they are not ecofriendly. Some people believe that green products are costly because green living is trendy, but this is far from being true at all. If you stop buying those products at your local grocery store and start making your own at home, you will be taking advantage of another inexpensive way to enjoy green living.

Last but not least, keep in mind that 20% of energy waste at home is derived from the lack of a temperature control. Therefore, if you want an inexpensive way to start your ecofriendly home, you can get a heat and air service doing the proper insulation inside the home. Money that you save from implementing ecofriendly solutions will help you to substitute regular household appliances for other Energy Star certified which are affordable to buy and maintain, while wasting less energy and decreasing the emissions of greenhouse gases.

Author Bio: Izzy Mackey works for Roofer911.com a company that provides both roof repairs and new roofs.


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