A Promising New Way to Clean Our Oceans


It’s no secret that we don’t take care of our oceans as well as we should. In the past, there have been quite a few projects aimed at cleaning up the trash and other harmful pollutants from the ocean. The so-called Seabin Project is one such undertaking, and even though it is pretty small-scale it is nevertheless very promising. It is an invention of two surfers from Australia, who got tired of seeing all the harmful trash floating around in the water. They have recently managed to raise enough funds to start production.


The Seabin is a type of water filtering system, which can be installed in ports, marinas and yacht clubs. It is designed to be installed on a dock and then connected to a water pump on shore. The rim of it hits at surface level of the water, and then the pump works to pull in the trash, oil and detergent floating in the water. These are then caught in a removable catch bag, which is made of natural fiber. There is also a separator filter, which cleans the oil from the water, before the water is pumped back into the ocean.



Since the Seabin is designed for use near shore, it does not need to be high-tech or sturdy enough to withstand open ocean conditions and currents. The project is currently in the prototype stage, but having raised the necessary funds through the crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo, they plan to begin manufacture soon. They are also planning on manufacturing the units using the plastic collected by already installed Seabins. They estimate that the first units will be available by November 2016. The price is not yet set, though it will most likely revolve around $5000 per unit.

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