AceClamp has a new racking system to show you at Solar Power International this year


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This September, AceClamp will be announcing its newest solar racking system. Developed after months of research and interviews with solar installers, the end result is a patent-pending adjustable PV rack product designed for simplicity, ease of installations, and wind resistance.

Originally invented for high-velocity hurricane zone (HVHZ) applications, the new solar racking system by AceClamp is capable of resisting up to 200 mph winds when mounted to Island Style Roofs (ISR), exceeding the HVHZ standard 185 mph.

In addition to ISR, AceClamp’s solar racking system can also be securely fitted to standing seam metal roofs (SSMR) using any of AceClamp’s non-penetrating, sliding-pin metal roof clamps. The system is compatible with a multitude of mechanical lock and nail-down metal roofs, as well as TPO, Membrane and asphalt shingles. AceClamp also plans to add compatibility with their soon to be announced corrugated exposed fastener metal roof system.

The kit, which comes partially assembled, features symmetrical shapes that simplify and speed the installation. Installers simply snap-fit parts onto the rail and tighten them down. End supports automatically match panel height and are able to be secured using one hand.

Both of AceClamp’s classic Rackless Solar Mounting Kits and L-Foot Kit utilize its patented “slide-pin,” non-penetrating roofing clamps that help prevent roofing panel damage that set screws can cause. Tough stainless steel serrated caps on top and bottom creates a reliable panel connection, and its clamp grounding slot allows for wire security. The kit is universal, designed to fit every PV panel size. The made-in-the-USA parts are readily available and constructed of non-corrosive aluminum and stainless steel material.

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