Allied explains how its lithium batteries can be used to replace lead-acid battery based storage systems

allied battery

Allied says its Lithium-Iron Phosphate (LFP) batteries are drop-in-ready for solar + storage  applications. Its turn-key replacement system enables you to convert your lead-acid system to lithium in less than 30 minutes. You can use the same wiring and hook ups as used with your current lead acid system.

How it works

Each Allied LiFePO4 12V battery can be set up in parallel or series in order to meet the needs of your current set up. For example for a 36V set up, 3 x 12V should be hooked up in series. Simply remove the Lead-Acid Batteries and replace with the Lithium Batteries, attach cables, secure holding bracket and the install in complete. Optional empty cases are available to fill any open battery slots.

Other promoted benefits

  • Consistent voltage for longer
  • No more flickering lights or spotty accessory performance. Lead-acid can be unreliable for powering accessories at 50 percent or below,
  • Allied says its batteries provide a constant output of energy all the way down to as little as 5% power.
  • You can always know your remaining charge too. The State of Charge meter has an LCD screen that provides you an accurate percentage reading so there is no guessing how much charge remains‚ similar to a cell phone.
  • 7-Year Warranty. As we’ve mentioned before, battery warranties are tricky, so be sure to read through all of the performance parameters, but Allied Lithium Batteries have a 7 year warranty.  Lithium batteries under normal use should provide 10 years of maintenance free service.

— Solar Builder magazine







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