An Affordable Hobbit Home


Ever dream of having your own home that resembled the hobbit houses as seen in the Lord of the Rings movies? If so you’re in luck, because the company Green Magic Homes has begun offering prefab modular “hobbit homes” which can be made according to the buyer’s wishes. And once the home is constructed, all you have to do is bury it and add a green roof and façade.



The Green Magic Homes are made of individual fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) arches that are bolted together in much the same way as a waterslide is assembled. After the separate segments are joined they form watertight rooms, or modules, which can again be joined together to form the final layout of the home. It’s up to the buyer how they want to mix and match these modules.


Once the home is assembled, it can be buried while the weight of the soil actually helps seal the sections together even tighter, and makes the structure stronger. Once they are buried, the green façade and roof also offer great insulation both in the summer and the winter.



The latest model of the home is the so-called Wikiki, which is a 404-sq ft (37.5-sq m) home. It is ideal for use as a guest cottage, cabin, studio, home office or vacation space. The Wikiki can be assembled in three days by three workers who do not need any special skills or equipment to do so.

Every Green Magic Home comes with aluminum doors and windows, as well as fiber cement board components that are then connected to the FRP sections using nylon ties and finally sealed with an elastomer. There is also the possibility of adding conduits and ducts for plumbing and ventilation.

Prices are set at $1 per square foot, with a minimum price of $500.



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