APsystems reminds you it has the most powerful solar microinverter on the market at SPI


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For nearly 10 years, APsystems has been a leader in power conversion products for the global solar PV industry and boasts the world’s best-selling multi-module microinverters. Founded in Silicon Valley in 2010, APsystems has grown to encompass three global business units with offices around the world, serving customers in more than 80 countries with its groundbreaking multi-module microinverters, including the QS1, APsystems’ new 4-in-1 single-phase unit, and the YC600, the world’s most advanced dual-module microinverter.

Inside the QS1

The QS1 offers 75% faster installation time, while offering the highest peak output power and up to 3X faster data transmission speed than PLC. A wider MPPT voltage range will result in a greater energy harvest for homeowners. The QS1 is designed to accommodate today’s high output PV panels up to 375W, offering 300W AC output per channel, the highest among microinverters. The unit also significantly reduces installation time and costs, taking the place of four conventional microinverters per each QS1 installed while still providing four independent MPPT.

The QS1 utilizes a common AC trunk cabling with the dual-module YC600, offering flexible mix-and-match compatibility on the same circuit to enhance site design capability and maximize circuit capacity. Both microinverters also utilize the same gateways; installers can choose from the ECU-R, for single or multi-residential installations, or the ECU-C, for applications requiring consumption monitoring and advanced contact/relay features.

Today, with millions of units sold producing more than 300 GWh of clean, renewable energy, APsystems continues to be a leader in the ever-growing solar MLPE segment for residential and commercial applications. APsystems USA is based in Seattle.

For more information on APsystems, head to usa.APsystems.com.

— Solar Builder magazine

[source: https://solarbuildermag.com/inverters/apsystems-reminds-you-it-has-the-most-powerful-solar-microinverter-on-the-market-at-spi/]


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