Books Turned Into Chairs


Bookniture is a book, which can be transformed into a chair. It was created by Mike Mak, a designer from Hong Kong and has already been successfully funded through Kickstarter. Folded up it looks like a book, but it unfolds to create a three-dimensional support for a seat, side table, coffee table or a worktable, when two are stacked one on top of the other. It would certainly make a great addition to any tiny home and is without a doubt one of the most innovative furniture ideas.


Folded, Booknuitre measures 7″ by 13″ by 1.6″ and when opened up, it becomes a seat with a diameter of 14 inches and weight of 3.5 pounds. This transformation is made possible by its advanced honeycomb paper structure which allows the book to open into a strong, accordion-like piece of furniture, which is capable of holding up to 375 pounds (170 kilograms). The latter is made possible by the thickness of the American-made kraft paper from which it is constructed, which is also moisture-resistant.


Being a book that turns into a chair or table makes this a very unique product. It is perfect for providing seating for guests, as well as furnishing small rooms or apartments. Bookniture will be available in two colors, namely black and brown. The designers have also added five different colored felt tops, which provide added stability and comfort when Bookniture is used as a seat or table.





Though not implicitly stated in the item description, I think it is safe to assume that Bookniture is biodegradable. The paper probably is, but there is no information as to what type of glue was used to bind it together. Given that it’s made out of paper, I would also venture a guess that it is not particularly durable. Though when used only occasionally, it will most likely last for a while.

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