Brussels-based chemical company one of the big REC buyers for 71-MW solar project in South Carolina

solvay south carolina solar farm

Solvay, a Brussels-based multi-specialty chemical company has agreed to buy all the renewable energy certificates (RECs) for 15 years from the largest solar farm yet to be built in South Carolina.

Weird? Well, this fits into the group’s global sustainability commitment. The agreement with Moffett Solar 1, a subsidiary of Dominion Resources, Inc. contributes to Solvay’s objective to reduce the carbon intensity of its operations by 40 percent by 2025. It furthermore responds to growing customer demand for products made using renewable energy.

The 71.4-megawatt “Solvay Solar Energy-Jasper County, SC” solar farm will be about seven times the size of the next largest solar installation currently in operation in South Carolina. It is scheduled for completion by the end of 2017.

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“This new agreement will help us reduce our CO2 intensity, one of Solvay’s main sustainability goals. It enables development of additional renewable energy capacity in a region where we have a significant presence and allows us to better serve customer expectations through sustainability,” said Jean-Pierre Clamadieu, CEO of Solvay. In the southeast United States, Solvay operates nine advanced materials and chemical sites across three states. Solvay employs more than 6,700 people at over 50 locations in North America as a whole. *RECs are issued when

— Solar Builder magazine


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