Camping on the Water


Wouldn’t it be great, if you could pitch a tent on a lake or river, and let it rock you to sleep? I know I’d love that, so I think this floating pod designed by Daniel Durnin, an artist and designer from London, is simply awesome. He is calling it the WaterBed and it is light enough to be towed on the back of a bicycle.


The WaterBed can sleep one person, and offers a unique way to camp. Daniel designed it to be used as a tent alternative, and it can be used in cities, such as Amsterdam, London or New York, as well as at any small waterway. It can also be set up on land, and eliminates the need to erect a tent.

The shelter in the picture was hand built by Daniel and made out of wood. In doing so, he put his experience in furniture design and cabinet making to good use. The prototype of the WaterBed is simple in design and layout, yet still comfortable to sleep in, and also very easy to set up and use.


The WaterBed can be placed in the water by one person alone, then secured to the bank using ropes. The interior of the shelter features cushioned seats, which can be turned into a bed. There is also a fold down side table, which works great if you want to have a cup of coffee or eat a meal. The floating tent also features large windows that let in plenty of light and provide excellent ventilation. They also provide great views of the surrounding landscape. The windows can also all be covered by curtains for privacy, or to provide shade.


The WaterBed can be attached to the back of a bicycle using a clip-on attachment. It weighs around 165 lbs (75 kg) so it can get heavy when trying to tow it uphill, but this weight does make it more stable on the water. Daniel would like to see the WaterBed become commercially available in the near future. He might also develop it further and start offering open source and DIY plans.


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