Careful out there: Jinko Solar issues alert of potentially fraudulent PV module sales


Jinko Solar US sent an email late last week issuing a “Potential Fraud Alert” for third parties purporting to offer Jinko modules for sale in the United States at heavily discounted prices against current market prices.

In the United States, Jinko modules are primarily sold directly or through large, well-known distributors. Buyers should be wary of offerings that: (1) are made by third parties without an established industry reputation; (2) include purported inventories of small quantities of multiple power classes; and (3) are listed at significant discounts against current market rates.

On investigating these offerings, it frequently occurs that:

  • the seller is an unauthorized third party;
  • the seller actually has no inventory and intends to bait-and-switch customers to other offerings; and/or
  • the offered modules are B-grade/downgraded modules that have no warranty

For example, an entity called Meisongmao Industrial recently circulated a list (with photos) to numerous industry buyers purporting to offer 3,475 units of Jinko modules ranging from 380W to 405W, claiming that the modules were A-grade and purchased directly from the Jinko factory in Jacksonville. On investigation, the seller is offering B-grade modules with no UL certification and no warranty that were not authorized for sale as Jinko modules. Further, such modules strictly must be shipped outside the United States with full disclosure of their downgraded quality and only used outside the United States. Jinko took immediate action to confront the seller and ensure any further fraudulent offerings cease.

Jinko takes these fraudulent offerings very seriously and makes every reasonable effort to confront such sellers and have their fraudulent offerings withdrawn. While fraudulent offerings are certainly not a rampant issue in the industry, Jinko encourages caution in evaluating offerings.

— Solar Builder magazine




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