Carlson automates solar pile placement, upgrades PD Grade pile driving

Carlson Machine Controls

Carlson Software’s Machine Control Division announced Carlson Pile Placement, an automated solution for pile placement prior to driving, as well as a major upgrade to its existing PD Grade solution that allows precision elevation accuracy during pile driving.

With Carlson Pile Placement, contractors can accurately place color-coded piles to the proper offset at the planned location, the time and cost of flags and their associated survey work are greatly reduced, if not eliminated.

“This solution is just a very powerful addition to any solar installer’s fleet,” said Carlson’s Field Application Engineer Rodney Thomas. “It’s versatile, flexible, and with its simple user interface, operators can be placing piles accurately with very little training.”

Carlson machine control pile position

Carlson Pile Placement consists of an all-in-one GNSS sensor and a rugged, Windows-based control box. With its small footprint, Pile Placement can be installed on any machine used to drop off piles, allowing the same equipment and operator to now place piles at correct locations ahead of pile driving machines.

Pile Placement can be used as a stand-alone system, or as part of Carlson’s comprehensive solutions for solar installation that includes Carlson’s just-announced PD Grade 3Z positioning solution for pile driving machines, Carlson Command site monitoring and management software, Carlson’s GNSS base station, and Carlson Grade Supervisor for more accurate quality control in the field.

“PD Grade 3Z takes our popular and field-proven solution for pile driving machines and greatly improves the elevation accuracy,” says Carlson’s Director of Machine Control, Tim Jones. “With this improved version, users can achieve elevation tolerance more consistently while driving–saving significant time and money spent on remediation and rework.”

Carlson’s PD Grade 3Z solution consists of an integrated all-in-one IP69K-rated GNSS sensor, Carlson’s rugged Windows-based control box, Carlson PDGrade, a 3D positioning software developed specifically for piling applications, and a specialized laser sensor that allows precision elevation accuracy.

Carlson PD Grade 3Z

Checking elevation with the setup of lasers for each row is eliminated, and costly welding and cutting is greatly diminished. While driving, the machine operator views real-time alignment on-screen with plan, as-built, and delta measurements, and pile reports in CSV or PDF formats are generated.

PD Grade 3Z can operate as a standalone system, or as part of a fleet environment, and integrates into Carlson’s complete solar workflow solution that includes Carlson Command site monitoring and management software, Carlson’s GNSS base station, Carlson Grade Supervisor for fast, accurate quality control in the field, and Carlson’s just-announced Pile Placement solution for accurately placing piles ahead of pile driving machines.

With an industry-exclusive 3-year warranty, working with RDOIC as our major sales and support channel, and as a Vermeer preferred technology partner, Carlson’s PD Grade 3Z leads the industry not only in technology, but in the complete customer experience.

— Solar Builder magazine



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