CEA: North America is fastest growing battery cell manufacturing region

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By the end of 2022, North America had become the fastest growing regional market for planned new battery cell manufacturing plants, according to Clean Energy Associates’ latest Energy Storage System Supplier Market Intelligence Program report. Much of this growth is attributable to incentives provided by the U.S. Inflation Reduction Act.

Clean Energy Associates’ Energy Storage System (ESS) Supplier Market Intelligence Program (SMIP) offers twice-a-year independent, unbiased market intelligence about the world’s top lithium-ion cell manufacturers and energy storage system integrators.

Examples from the current project pipeline include:

● American Battery Factory (ABF), founded by Lion Energy, will build a network of LFP battery factories in the U.S., with its first factory in Tucson, Arizona. The company plans to build LFP battery cells for both EV and ESS applications.
● California-based Amprius Technologies will build a 5 GWh factory (in phases) in Colorado. The first phase, with 0.5 GWh capacity, will come online by 2025.
● Canada’s battery manufacturer Electrovaya will build the EV battery plant in Chautauqua County with around 1 GWh capacity.
● Envision AESC plans to set up its second EV battery factory in the U.S. in partnership with BMW. The factory will be set up in South Carolina with an annual capacity of 30 GWh.
● In partnership with CATL, Ford will set up a 35 GWh LFP cell production facility in Michigan.
● FREYR will parallel develop its Giga America and Giga Arctic to gain U.S. IRA incentives. Tax credits offered through the IRA would allow FREYR to receive $37 million/GWh of capacity installed in the U.S.
● And many more…

Increased market fragmentation is expected, as the expansion of the ESS market will enable the growth of Tier II/III suppliers currently unable to deliver scale for EV buyers in particular.

Europe witnessed delays and cancellations of several planned production facilities, due in large part to high energy prices and more attractive policy support from other regional markets, said CEA.

The executive summary of the new Clean Energy Associates energy storage report can be downloaded for free and a complete copy can be requested for purchase here.

— Solar Builder magazine

[source: https://solarbuildermag.com/news/cea-north-america-is-fastest-growing-battery-cell-manufacturing-region/]


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