Chint Inverters to Power 7-MW Solar Project at 10 New Jersey Schools

Chint Power Systems America will provide more than 300 20-kW inverters for PV installations across New Jersey.  The projects include a variety of applications that reflect the broad flexibility benefits of string inverter architecture; a single inverter design can address rooftop, carport and ground mount applications of varying overall kW capacities.

A three-phase string inverter from Chint.

A three-phase string inverter from Chint.

Chint’s 20-kW platform has been independently tested by PHOTON Labs and published as a “Top 10” inverter of all models evaluated (as of November, 2011).  It is a 600-Vdc product with dual independent MPPTs and integrated wire box with all fusing, DC and AC disconnects included.  In 2013, CPS has launched 14-kW 208-Vac and 23/28-kW 1000-Vdc models – all UL approved and shipping today.

Lou Sabec, National Energy Partners LLC’s COO, comments, “Chint emerged as the best company and provided the most cost effective solution for these projects.  Their inverter application flexibility and lowest installed cost improves our project financial performance.”

“We are delighted that NEP selected CPS America and we look forward to the partnership for the entire project life-cycle, from design and delivery, to installation and field performance,” says, Ed Heacox, GM of CPS Americas Sales and Marketing.

— Solar Builder magazine


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