Colorado makes energy storage a right for homeowners

colorado energy storage

Colorado is the 12th largest solar state in the U.S., with nearly 1,000 megawatts of cumulative solar capacity installed and ranks 9th among states for solar employment. In 2017 alone, Colorado added more than 780 solar jobs. That all looks to continue after John Hickenlooper signed new energy storage legislation that will help the state’s solar market and jobs grow. The measure, Senate Bill 9, allows Colorado residents to install and use energy storage on their property without unnecessary restrictions or discriminatory rates. The legislation makes Colorado one of the first states to declare energy storage a “right” for consumers.

“This new law cements Colorado’s status as one of our nation’s renewable energy leaders. Pairing energy storage with solar will allow consumers to have the cleanest, most reliable and most affordable electricity,” said Sean Gallagher, SEIA’s Vice President of State Affairs. “The solar industry thanks Governor Hickenlooper and the legislature for continuing to support the state’s solar market by taking this important step on storage.”

“Energy storage paired with solar energy gives consumers and businesses a way to be truly energy independent, and we commend our state’s leaders for declaring that citizens have a right to use this exciting technology,” said Rebecca Cantwell, COSEIA’s Executive Director. “We believe that this new law will spark more interest in going solar and will pave the way towards adding storage to many projects.”


— Solar Builder magazine


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