Community Center Built of Recycled Materials


It’s always nice to see structures being built out of recycled materials, especially when it comes to buildings which can help spread the awareness and positive benefits of doing so. Such is certainly the case with the recently completed Re-ainbow community center designed by the Vietnamese firm H&P Architects. It got its name by combining the word “Recycled” and the fact that a wide array of color was used in the design of the center. Apart from being made of recycled materials it also sports some other nice sustainable features.


The Re-ainbow community center is located in a rural area of the North Central Coast region in Vietnam. It is a simple structure, made up of a small building and three outdoor shelters covered by a corrugated metal roof. The indoor part of the community center features a classroom, a health station, public showers and a bathroom, while the covered area can be used for a number of purposes, such as a meeting space, theater or concert space, and others. There is also a large open area surrounding the complex, which can be used for sports or physical training.



Re-ainbow was built using discarded scaffolding pipes, sheet metal, brick, tile and bathroom appliances. The materials were found locally, while building costs were also kept low by using local volunteers for the manual labor.


The needed power is supplied via a solar panel that measures 3.6 x 1.6 ft (1.1 x 0.5 m). Solar energy is also used for the hot water system. There is also a 132-gallon (500 l) rainwater collection tank, which is integrated into the roof. The building is also designed in a way that maximizes natural ventilation and lets in plenty of daylight.

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