Conergy, NEXTracker launch Latin America and Caribbean Solar Alliance (panel at #SPIcon)

How do you help spur solar industry initiatives, while presenting a unified voice in an area that needs it? Form an alliance, of course. That’s at least what Conergy, a large downstream solar company, and NEXTracker, the world’s fastest-growing solar tracking company, are doing by launching the Latin America and Caribbean Solar Alliance (LASCA). LACSA members will have deep roots in Latin America and strong government ties; the coalition aims to initiate and support policies that further solar deployment.

Conergy“This alliance is launching right when it is truly needed,” said Senior Solar Analyst Adam James of GTM Research. “Latin America has had triple-digit growth rates for the last three years, with expected compounded annual growth rates doubling Europe, Asia Pacific, and North America out to 2020.”

The first LACSA event took place at InterSolar North America in July of 2015, drawing more than 80 solar professionals for networking and a panel discussion by solar industry leaders with decades of experience in the region. The video recapping the event is being unveiled today and can be viewed here.

The second LACSA panel event will take place at SPI 2015, with Adam James of Greentech Media as moderator, at the Industry Trends booth on Sept. 15 from 1-2 p.m.

NEXTracker solar trackersLACSA will spearhead four main activities: sponsoring ongoing Latin America-focused solar events across the globe; underscoring practical knowledge from Latin America experts at solar industry conferences; facilitating online knowledge and content sharing forums; and conducting education and advocacy.

“LACSA will be a terrific springboard for all of us doing business in Latin America and the Caribbean,” said Marco Garcia, chief commercial officer of NEXTracker. “This is an extraordinary time for solar growth in Latin America; the PV pipeline is huge. LACSA will enable us to be proactive – collaborating to sow the seeds for solar to flourish in the region. We look forward to active industry participation that’ll bring broader PV deployment to fruition.”

“Latin America’s solar market is poised for rapid growth and sophistication,” said Andrew de Pass, CEO of Conergy. “After winning 60MW in Brazil’s large auction last month, Conergy has received lots of inquiries within the industry. We’re excited for this timely launch and to be at the forefront of fostering industry collaboration with NextTracker.”

LACSA has a nine-person board that will direct, organize and promote ongoing initiatives, as well as determine clear goals for the solar industry to spearhead in the Latin America and Caribbean region – that spur greater PV deployment.

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