COVID-19 response: Velo Solar offering custom Energy Resiliency and Continuity plans

Velo Solar

In the midst of a rapidly shifting social and economic climate, Atlanta-based Velo Solar has deployed its team of experts (in engineering, energy, battery storage and technology) to help companies plan for and adapt to change. This team is now available to work with any company to create a custom plan for Energy Resiliency and Continuity (ERC). The plan will help guide the company in coping with and surviving periods of upheaval and stress, like the current COVID-19 pandemic by strengthening its energy infrastructure.

As business evolves in the wake of the current crisis, success will depend on each company’s ability to adapt and evolve rapidly. Secure access to energy is key to powering this adaptation.

Mark Bell, CEO of Velo Solar, said the new service is a natural evolution linked to the original mission of Velo Solar’s parent company, Empower Energy Technology.

“Empower, Velo’s parent company, was founded in 2007 to create backup and recovery procedures with emergency power systems for large facilities,” he said. “By incorporating additional resiliency options, including solar generation, battery storage, and micro-grid capability, we have taken the legacy of Empower’s mission into our new era.”

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Once the Velo team identifies the operational needs of a company, its experts will develop a comprehensive, customized ERC plan. This plan will help ensure a business has access to its servers and critical files that keep team members connected during short and medium-term power outages.

Additionally, critical systems like HVAC, security and critical loads can be managed off-grid and remotely. The Velo ERC team will design an energy solution that serves your energy needs today, and prepares you for any type of emergency without breaking the bank.

— Solar Builder magazine


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