CPS America adding 20A rated fuses to its standard large-scale inverter wire-boxes

CPS America O&M feature

CPS inverter service techs now blanket the country. Photo: CPS.

As the solar PV industry moves toward larger module power generation capacities and short circuit current ratings, many PV system dc circuits now require 20A rated fuses.

To meet this need, CPS is now producing its 100/125kW standard wire-boxes with 20A fuses installed. This product improvement/change will be effective for shipments from CPS Pomona operations starting in May 2020.

If 15A fusing is needed, CPS will sell 1500V 15A fuse kits as an option for field installation. Here’s the data sheet for more info.

— Solar Builder magazine

[source: https://solarbuildermag.com/products/cps-america-adding-20a-rated-fuses-to-its-standard-large-scale-inverter-wire-boxes/]



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