Delta energy storage products now available in Energy Toolbase

energy toolbase

Energy Toolbase, a software platform providing solar + storage modeling, energy storage system control, and asset monitoring products, has integrated Delta onto its sales and modeling software platform. This means renewable energy developers can now analyze and propose the economic value proposition of Delta’s energy storage solutions.

Delta’s energy storage solution includes a power conditioning system (PCS), which is a bi-directional inverter scalable up to 500kW, and a grid-tied energy storage system (ESS) scalable up to 2,000kWh capacity. The solution will now offer the option of Energy Toolbase’s intelligent Energy Management System (iEMS) storage control software, which uses machine learning to optimize battery dispatch for maximum savings. This hardware and software integration is designed to enable a simplified, pre-configured, end-to-end procurement process for developers utilizing Energy Toolbase for project modeling.

“We’ve been working closely with Delta to energize our first handful of energy storage projects together,” said Enrico Ladendorf, VP of Technology and Product Operations at Energy Toolbase. “We’re excited about the prospect of this platform integration leading to many more deployments in the future.”

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Energy Toolbase and Delta are currently commissioning a 100kW, 220kWh energy storage project located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, with three additional sites scheduled to be energized within the next quarter.
“We’re extremely proud to collaborate and integrate with Energy Toolbase,” said Shane Long, director of engineering for the Energy Infrastructure Solutions Business Group at Delta in the Americas region. “This integration will offer developers a more streamlined and comprehensive workflow to analyze and close projects.”

There is no additional cost for Energy Toolbase users to utilize the newly launched Delta integration. With this integration, storage dispatch simulations and savings analysis conducted in the Energy Toolbase platform will be truly representative of how the Delta system, controlled by the Energy Toolbase iEMS controller, would operate in the field. The Energy Toolbase iEMS offers a range of different configurations for both Behind-the-Meter and Front-of-the-Meter storage applications.

— Solar Builder magazine



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