DEPCOM, Power Factor, Solar Support team to protect utility solar plants

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Solar Support, DEPCOM Power Inc., (DEPCOM) and Power Factor have partnered to expand the capabilities of their extreme weather restoration and recovery program. The trio minimizes production and revenue losses for asset owners and operators through an end-to-end solution, saving millions in avoided costs and shortening recovery times by up to 70 percent.

“Working with DEPCOM Power and Power Factor, our team’s unique approach prioritizes production which results in less downtime and more revenue for utility PV asset owners,” says Solar Support CEO Auston Taber.

Solar Support is an engineering services company specialized in equipment and plant reliability, restoration services and specialty components supply for utility asset owners. DEPCOM Power is a top ranked EPC, having built over 55 solar plants and operating more than 1 GW of assets nationwide. Power Factor lends unique expertise in site repowering, recommissioning, and restoration.

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Each team member offers unique capabilities:

  • DEPCOM serves as the general contractor to provide EPC capabilities along with financial and surety services.
  • Solar Support leads the project management and construction oversight, while also enabling reliable uptime long after manufacturers’ have stopped supporting their products. Solar Support also helps to resurrect supply chains of spare parts and refurbishment programs to ensure that facilities reach their design life.
  • Power Factor secures manpower specialized in PV recovery – mechanical, electrical, and civil as well as materials and onsite services.

“Following a hurricane, we saved one plant owner a total of $2.5M,” says John Schroeder, EVP of Plant Operations for DEPCOM Power. “We salvaged components, got an OEM to honor a warranty claim, cut the project timeline, and helped the owner generate up to $700,000 in additional revenue.”

“Hurricanes and other natural disasters wreak havoc on solar plants,” says Power Factor CEO George Lang. “We have the specialized manpower and equipment to restore plants cost-effectively, boosting confidence for owners and operators in the performance of their assets.”

— Solar Builder magazine


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