Design Your Own Apartment


The task of furnishing a new apartment can be quite daunting for many, given that the walls and windows just about always wreak havoc on your vision of what the place should look like. This won’t be a problem for those inhabiting the Vijayawada Garden Estate, a new apartment building in India, which is currently under construction.

The building will be modular in a way that will allow future residents to create rooms by simply picking and choosing where the walls should be. All that is needed will be a part of a catalog from which they will be able to choose, and then slot the chosen modules into place.


The building was designed by Penda Architecture and Design for developer Pooja Crafted Homes. The complex will measure 387,500 sq ft (36,000 sq m), and the aim is to give residents the power to design exactly the kind of home they want. The apartment building will have the shape of a grid, which will contain an array of separate elements. The only things not customizable are the structural grid itself and the infrastructure. All the other parts of the building, including the walls, ceilings, balconies and more, can all be positioned and built according to the wishes of the residents.


Once the framework is constructed, the inhabitants will be able to pick out prefabricated modules, which can then be slotted into the framework. These modules include various different floor types, façade elements and railings, as well as a whole range of plant pots.



One of the key aims of the project is also creating a building with a clear natural element. To achieve this, vegetation will be planted around the exterior of the grid, as well as along the façade, which will help purify the air, as well as soften the rather boxy and angular look of the building. To water the plants, there will be a grey water filtering system installed, which will collect rainwater on the roof. This water will be used to water the plants on the resident’s balconies.

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