E-Waste Collection in Colorado with ERI

There is so much more we all need to be doing when it comes to electronics recycling. It is encouraging to learn of events like this one in Colorado. Word needs to be spread far and wide, from manufacturers to customers.

Colorado Legislators Team With ERI for E-Waste Collection Event

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Partnering with the Legislators of Colorado, Electronic Recyclers International (ERI) staged a special E-Waste Collection Event last week for employees and Legislators at the State Capitol.

ERI, the largest recycler of electronic waste in the nation, will safely recycle all e-waste collected at this special event that took place on site at the State Capitol.

The event was designed to give government employees an opportunity to safely unload their old computers, television sets, and other out-dated, unusable or unwanted consumer electronic items for proper recycling that is safe and environmentally sound. The Legislators are working with ERI to help set a good example of recycling electronic waste properly and responsibly in advance of the forthcoming electronics landfill ban, which begins on July 1st of this year as part of the Colorado Electronic Waste Recycling Act.

Senator Gail Schwartz sponsored the bill, which advocates responsible management for the recycling of obsolete electronics.

“Today is an example of forward thinking minds coming together to benefit future generations,” said Marjorie Griek, Executive Director of The Colorado Association for Recycling. “The people of Colorado continue to recognize the significance of taking a leadership role in the responsible recycling of electronic waste, which makes us proud stewards of the environment.”

“It’s good to once again be partnering with Colorado Legislators and our friends and colleagues at the Colorado Association for Recycling for this special program,” said John Shegerian, Chairman and CEO of ERI. “We are proud to be able to help the Legislators of Colorado set such a good example of being more environmentally responsible by offering them a convenient opportunity to safely dispose of their old electronic devices in a way that will protect the privacy of their data through certified destruction while benefiting the environment at the same time.”

For more information on general recycling needs, visit www.electronicrecyclers.com, http://1800recycling.com or www.urbanmining.org.

Source: Business Wire

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