Early results of Palmetto’s new platform show speedier solar sales, install cycle


Palmetto is always trying new ways to connect homeowners and companies interested in clean energy solutions to the best solar, storage and energy efficiency providers. In September 2022, they debuted the Palmetto Clean Energy Software Platform under a new data focused business unit. The revamped Palmetto platform is meant to simplify the consumer transaction experience and automate end-to-end workflows from sales, to permitting and design, installation, and system activation.

The results have been promising thus far. Palmetto points to several key metrics to demonstrate the success of its improved operating system.

  • The speed to installation definitely improved. Platform enhancements resulted in residential solar systems getting installed 37 days faster than previous averages.
  • Consumer sentiment drastically increased with better expectation management and project status updates. Palmetto’s Net Promoter Score — the “likelihood to recommend a product or service to a friend or family member” — jumped to 77, a 35% increase.
  • Change orders and cancellations declined by 5% with operational efficiencies. As an example, the creation of knowledge databases consisting of local utility, permitting, and interconnection requirements, along with other workflows lowered operational expenses.

“Residential clean energy can be a tough business to break into, and we believe today’s U.S. rooftop solar adoption – only ~3% of U.S. homes – is largely indicative of the disjointed and difficult customer experience,” stated Christopher Kemper, CEO of Palmetto. “By making solar adoption as easy and seamless as buying a new home appliance, Palmetto is uniquely positioned to accelerate clean energy adoption at a time when the world needs it most. We are enabling sellers to do what they do best – lead generation and selling products – while Palmetto handles the rest.”

Palmetto’s Clean Energy Software Platform partners with organizations that already serve residential consumers, such as real estate development and mortgage companies, consumer lenders, home improvement retailers, electric utilities, and financial services platforms.

There is also an enterprise business unit will help its partners and clients achieve net zero decarbonization targets, increase customer lifetime value, and prepare them to enter the clean energy markets. Palmetto’s enterprise solutions are expected to accelerate the company’s already strong growth trajectory. In the second quarter of 2022, Palmetto’s total revenue was up 138% YoY, driven by strong solar sales growth of 145% YoY.

“In today’s economy, managing a company’s environmental impact and carbon footprint is no longer just about meeting ESG standards, but will have a growing impact on business models with the onsets of decarbonization goals, energy transition incentives, and other climate policies. Our new Clean Energy Software Platform gives businesses a single, comprehensive solution in this new reality,” Kemper said.

For Palmetto’s enterprise partners, they are able to access the rapidly growing clean energy market without the burden of understanding local market requirements, integrating with utility interconnection processes, or building a national fulfillment network. In addition, Palmetto’s Energy Intelligence Platform, a SaaS product for businesses, helps enterprise businesses assess the solar potential of markets, segment local communities by solar potential and do customer targeting, and even model the energy usage and solar potential at the building level using proprietary, high resolution, geospatial 3D LiDAR technology.

— Solar Builder magazine

[source: https://solarbuildermag.com/news/early-results-of-palmettos-new-platform-show-speedier-solar-sales-install-cycle/]


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