EnSync launches plan for utilities, third-party generators to better integrate DER assets

Ensync energy systems

EnSync Energy Systems is launching a collaborative utility vertical initiative, targeting investor-owned utilities, independent system operators (ISOs) and third-party generators. EnSync Energy’s Matrix Energy Management and DER Flex technologies will provide the initial market entry products and services to accomplish automated visibility and control of distributed electric generation resources on both sides of the conventional utility meter.

EnSync Energy contracted Deborah Galimba, president and chief executive officer of XUTILITY and a former electric generation interconnection senior consultant at PG&E, to lead the utility vertical initiative. She will be responsible for optimizing utility-scale power source deployment, empowering system operators and tapping into new financial opportunities in third-party private markets.

“Utilities are struggling to maintain relevancy during a time of increasing third-party generation contributions,” said Galimba. “DER Flex offers safe distribution solutions that enable utilities to advance into the 21st century with resource planning models that move seamlessly between third-party and utility-controlled energy resources. The grid evolution tools provide remote visibility to system operators and encourage third-party energy generation, while allowing utilities to maintain and extend their roles as the vital service provider. By modernizing utility infrastructure with the DER Flex and Matrix technologies, teams can reduce outage risk, increase grid stability and streamline safe remote power deployment, which ultimately benefits electricity consumers everywhere.”

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EnSync Energy has created a fully integrated product ecosystem that converts behind-the-meter DERs into dispatchable energy fleets. EnSync Energy’s DER Flex and Matrix Energy Management products communicate over NERC/CIP secure control remote platforms so that utilities and ISOs can access and control multi-metered assets and provide additional revenue benefits for the generator owner.

EnSync Energy’s proven technology is currently deployed in an industrial application with the Canadian utility ENMAX. ENMAX’s site uses the Matrix hardware as a physical power plant aggregator connecting multiple generation resources. The DER Flex software — the brains behind the energy — communicates, manages and remotely dispatches DER assets across the meter for ENMAX’s grid stability needs and revenue opportunities.

— Solar Builder magazine

[source: http://solarbuildermag.com/news/ensync-launches-plan-for-utilities-third-party-generators-to-better-integrate-der-assets/]

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