ET Smart Flex modules standardize more MLPE functions

ET Solar Group, a renewable energy equipment provider, announced at an event in Monterrey, Mexico, that it has launched a new generation of smart modules named the “ET Smart Flex.”

In collaboration with Tigo Energy, a Silicon Valley company dedicated to providing smart module technology for the solar industry, ET Solar has developed the ET Smart Flex Module equipped with Tigo Energy’s TS4 platform — the universal junction box solution.

ET Smart FlexET Smart Flex Modules, locally assembled in Mexico, have been designed to standardize the application of a wide range of Module Level Power Electronic (MLPE) capabilities including diodes, monitoring, safety, optimization and longer strings.

With the smart junction box solution as well as plug and play MLPE functionality, the ET Smart Flex Module enables greater flexibility in system design while offering cost reductions compared with conventional PV modules.

In addition, the ET Smart Flex Module is more reliable than standard PV modules because of its outstandingly low irradiation performance and excellent loading capability.

“Mexico enjoys one of the best solar irradiation levels, its PV market has the potential for steady growth,” said Patrick Guo, Vice President of ET Solar. “With our strong affiliations with Tigo Energy, EXEL Solar and other local partners, we are delighted to deliver this innovative PV module to Mexican customers, and to solve problems in a smart and easy way.”

With local sales & marketing subsidiaries and offices in Asia, Europe, Oceania, and North and South America, ET Solar has provided solar modules and turnkey solution services to its customers in over 90 countries.

Tigo Energy utilizes a patented impedance matching optimizer technology to increase energy production, simplify design and installation, improve fire safety, and ensure the highest uptime and reliability with cloud-based monitoring.

— Solar Builder magazine



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