Fold Out Balcony


For many apartment dwellers a balcony is but a dream, yet with this new fold out window it could well become reality. Architect Aldana Ferrer Garcia, who is based in Brooklyn, NY, has come up with the so-called “More Sky” window system, which can be installed in place of existing windows. The special design of this window allows it to be folded out and down to make a tiny balcony that has enough room for a person to sit and enjoy the sunshine.


More Sky is an ingenious idea, and a great way of adding a balcony to apartments large and small, giving the residents instant access to fresh air and sunlight. The window system also adheres to Brooklyn’s buildings and regulations in mind, though it could also be adapted for other cities. There are three different versions of this system. The so-called “Hopper Niche” folds down and comes with an integrated seat for lounging, reading or meditation. The “Casement Niche” can be opened to the side to create a seat, while the “Awning” offers more of a ledge from which the cityscape can be observed while enjoying the sunshine.



There is no word on the energy efficiency impact installing such a window would have, or whether its R-value would allow it to be used even in colder climates. However, given that it must be sturdy enough to support an adult, it very likely provides good insulation as well, despite the many joints that make up this design. The window is still only a concept design, so issues like air-tightness and structural safety will likely be addressed thoroughly before production begins, if it ever does. I for one would like to see this window developed further and be offered on the market, since it is a great way to add a balcony to an apartment.






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