Fortress Power has three Lithium Iron Phosphate battery sizes to check out at SPI 2019

Fortress Power

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Fortress Power is a lithium battery manufacturer based outside of Philadelphia that focuses on helping solar installers use the safest and most reliable energy storage for their projects. The company provides three different size models for energy storage projects — its LFP-5 kWh, LFP-10 kWh, and eVault 18.5 kWh system. Fortress Power Lithium Iron Phosphate energy storage systems can be easily integrated into new or existing PV systems.

From residential to commercial projects, Fortress has the ability to stack to 222 kWh storage capacity and utilize local monitoring through its user-friendly LCD display that presents the complete details of your storage system.

Connecting the Fortress battery to your inverter is as simple as plug and play; and if you are looking to try different applications, Fortress provides off-grid, time-of-use, grid-export and self-use applications.

Lithium Iron Phosphate technology is the safest option for energy storage applications because, unlike Nickel Magnesium Cobalt (NMC) batteries, it is designed with exceptional thermal stability that prevents it from catching on fire and also removes the need for cooling and ventilation. Lithium Iron Phosphate also delivers more than 6,000 cycles, which is twice as much as NMC technology.

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