Four new SMA inverter models include ‘Secure Power Supply’ feature

SMA Sunnyboy inverter

SMA has added four new models to its redesigned Sunny Boy inverter line with Secure Power Supply, expanding its portfolio of residential inverter solutions. The UL-listed Sunny Boy 3.0-US, 3.8-US, 7.0-US and 7.7-US join the 5.0-US and 6.0-US in the newest Sunny Boy lineup providing integrators greater design and installation flexibility. The new models offer a host of improvements that reduce costs and improve ROI, as well as an enhanced Secure Power Supply feature that now provides up to 2,000 Watts of opportunity power in the event of a grid outage, allowing operation of larger electrical loads like refrigerators and space heaters without the need of costly batteries.

“The expanded Sunny Boy portfolio is SMA’s most installer-friendly offering to date,” said Marko Wittich, SMA executive vice president of sales for the Americas region. “It provides installers with a broad range of inverter sizes to choose from, allowing greater flexibility in addressing consumer needs while reducing costs.”

With 75 percent fewer required connections compared to previous generations, the newest Sunny Boy models are exceedingly simple to install. After connection, SMA’s Installation Assistant speeds commissioning and reduces time and labor spent in the field.

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This versatile inverter solution offers a wide range of powerful options that increase design flexibility. The Sunny Boy provides up to three maximum power point trackers and hundreds of stringing combinations, making it ideal for any market. Integrators can also achieve NEC 2014 rapid shutdown compliance via SMA’s Rapid Shutdown System, while NEC 2017 module-level shutdown can be accomplished ahead of schedule through the company’s recent commitment to module-level power electronic (MLPE) technology. Further MLPE integration will be enabled in the coming weeks, empowering installers with even greater choice in how they optimize their systems – and their business. Visitors to Solar Power International 2016 will get a first-hand look at this powerful new solution.

Moreover, system costs are reduced when installers choose an inverter from the new Sunny Boy lineup. Its integrated DC disconnect decreases the costs associated with equipment stocking and order processing while its two-part enclosure expedites servicing. The Sunny Boy interfaces directly with a smartphone, tablet or notebook via its integrated Webserver and WLAN. This communication platform provides state-of-the-art monitoring via Sunny Portal for centralized system management, without the material costs or time associated with installing a wired connection, allowing installers to save up to $700 per average installation.

The Sunny Boy also boasts complete UL 1741 SA grid support capabilities that help maintain voltage, frequency and general grid health. The UL 1741 SA is a draft standard that identifies inverter functions required for optimal grid stability and SMA is the first inverter manufacturer to complete functional and safety testing with UL according to these new requirements.

The entire Sunny Boy line, accessories and Rapid Shutdown System are all now available through SMA’s North American distribution program. To locate an SMA Authorized Distributor, solar professionals can visit SMA America’s website and click “Where to Buy” to learn more about each distribution partner.

— Solar Builder magazine


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