Glass Farm in The Netherlands is a Modern Take on Pre-Warm Farmhouses

This may look like a traditional Dutch farmhouse, but look closely and you’ll notice it is made of glass. It is a mixed-use retail building located in Schijndel, The Netherlands, created by Architect Winy Mass of MVRDV.

After the destruction of the town square during WWII, Maas began campaigning to rebuild the area, presenting several different blueprints for his ideas. He finally got approval on this Glass Farm project, which maximizes self-sufficiency through the use of natural lighting and resources.

With a traditional farmhouse design, the architects at MVRDV took several photos of remaining farmhouses in the area, morphing the images and printing them onto glass using fitted technology. Glass Farm is 1.6 times the size of an average farmhouse, reflecting how the town has grown over the years. The fritted glass allows for plenty of natural daylight to pour in, which minimizes heat gain. At night, the interior lights reflect against the glass, showing off the printed farmhouse facade and invoking a sense of nostalgia in those who remember what used to occupy the space.

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