GoodWe opens inverter manufacturing facility in Vietnam

GoodWe Opens New Manufacturing Facility in Vietnam

Global inverter manufacturer GoodWe, which hosted this webinar on Solar Builder alongside Sollega and OpenSolar, commenced operations at its manufacturing plant in Vietnam as part of GoodWeek. The new facility marks the third in the company’s manufacturing network.

Covering approximately 14,800 square meters and divided into two phases, the factory will initially specialize in the production of grid-tied and hybrid inverters. Upon reaching full operational status, Phase I’s production lines are expected to achieve an annual capacity of 5GW.

“In the North American market, our primary focus is on residential, commercial and industrial sectors,” stated Michael Mendik, Country Manager of GoodWe USA & Canada. “Local production in Vietnam will enhance our price competitiveness and elevate our service offerings, ensuring the timely delivery of high-quality products tailored to the diverse needs of our customers.”

The factory, drawing upon over a decade of GoodWe’s inverter manufacturing expertise, has fully integrated advanced inverter manufacturing technology and implemented rigorous quality control systems. A range of intelligent manufacturing techniques, including quality traceability and digital monitoring, has been incorporated to ensure the quality and excellence of products.

“We are dedicated to establishing an overseas benchmark factory, showcasing operational excellence, and replicating success across our global markets in the future,” Daniel Huang, Founder and CEO of GoodWe, said. “With the opening of the Vietnam factory, we look forward to cultivating expanded customer cooperation opportunities across the key markets such as United States and ASEAN countries, and beyond.”

GoodWe is listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange and has nearly 5,000 employees worldwide and installations in over 100 countries and regions. GoodWe offers an extensive range of products and solutions tailored for residential, commercial and industrial, and utility-scale PV systems, delivering reliable and high-performance solutions across its entire portfolio. In 2021, GoodWe was recognized as one of the top three hybrid inverter suppliers worldwide by Wood Mackenzie.

— Solar Builder magazine




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