Green Globes Certification Recognized Under B Lab’s B Impact Assessment

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Portland, Ore. –The Green Building Initiative, Inc. (GBI) announced today that its science-based, ANSI-accredited Green Globes building certification has been recognized by B Lab’s B Impact Assessment toward B Corp certification. Companies in the real estate, design, and building industries who are pursuing B Corp certification earn maximum credit for their Green Globes certification(s) under the Certifications & Community criteria. Green Globes certifications include four tiers: One Green Globes, Two Green Globes, Three Green Globes, and Four Green Globes. While each level of certification is recognized by B Corp.’s Certifications & Community criteria, the Three and Four Green Globes certification levels will earn additional credit for their outstanding contributions to sustainable, healthy, and resilient building objectives.

GBI is dedicated to reducing climate impacts by improving the built environment. Since its formation in 2004, GBI has certified over 520 million square feet of commercial real estate in North America and is expanding its reach globally. Green Globes is a comprehensive building rating system that applies to new construction, tenant interiors, and existing building projects and is adaptable for a wide range of building types. Certification with Green Globes demonstrates a company or owner’s commitment to holistic environmental stewardship and achievement of environmental, social, and governance objectives related to occupant health and wellness as well as resilience.

GBI applauds B Lab for encouraging options for green building certification through its aligned mission to “Transform the global economy to benefit all people, communities, and the planet.” In addition to B Corp certification, Green Globes is recognized for full certification credit under other platforms, including the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB)—the primary ESG ranking program for real assets—and the International Well Building Institute’s WELL Green Building Rating System and Community Standard. Green Globes is also recognized under Fannie Mae’s and Freddie Mac’s preferential pricing programs for green building certification, as well as being one of only two certifications approved for use by U.S. federal new construction buildings by the General Services Administration.

Those interested in improving the sustainability of their building or portfolio and integrating third-party certification into their ESG strategy should contact GBI at







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