Greenfab Features Latest Green Modular Home at International Builders Show

Greenfab-Green -Modular-Home-Main-Floor

Last month, Seattle homebuilder, Greenfab, showcased two of its green, prefab modular, home designs at the International Builders Show in Las Vegas. Almost 7,000 people visited the two homes that were set up outside of the main entrance.

It took only five hours to complete the initial installation of the 2100 and 2300 Series homes, which arrived in five modules apiece, for a total of 4,400 square feet, and were completely finished in just six days.

Greenfab-Green -Modular-Home

Targeting the LEED for Homes Platinum Rating, the 2100 and 2300 Series are luxurious versions of sustainable modular living. The 2100 Series features a remote-controlled five-head shower and the 2300 Series (Greenfab’s newest model) includes an indoor/outdoor fireplace and high-end HVAC equipment to control temperature and air quality.

“We are demonstrating that modular construction is an important tool for making quality construction available to the masses,” said Swen Grau, Greenfab’s Chief Executive Officer, in a recent press release. “Many prefab companies won’t build a custom home. But technology, engineering, and architectural understanding of modular construction procedures have progressed to the point that we can design and engineer a custom modular home as easily and inexpensively as we could if the home was stick-built.”

Greenfab-Green -Modular-Home-Staircase

Greenfab was founded in 2009 and sells high-quality, affordable single- and multi-family modular homes that are energy-efficient, healthy, and strong. Produced at their off-site facilities, they have the potential to exceed site-built houses and minimize waste, resources, and CO2 emissions.

Last year, Greenfab was awarded LEED Platinum certification by USGBC for achievement in green homebuilding and design and built the first home to receive LEED Platinum certification in the State of Washington.

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