Gripple debuts Power-Tie, a permanent cable tie for solar projects

Gripple Power-Tie

Gripple, a specialist in wire joiners and tensioners, debuted a new solar cable management solution, Power-Tie. The Gripple Power-Tie combines the durability and strength of steel banding with the versatility of cable ties, ensuring simple, safe, and long-lasting installation.

A failed cable tie can lead to a downed wire and potential inverter ground faults. Adding to regular wear and tear, extreme environments such as deserts, where temperatures can range from -20°F to 120°F, can further stress materials. There are many considerations to getting it right the first time and ensuring proper operations and maintenance (O&M) as you go.

“The use of traditional, plastic cable ties in outdoor applications has proven unsustainable for many reasons, not least their inability to withstand exposure to the elements,” stated Glenn Bills, Solar Business Development Director at Gripple. “While steel bands and metal ties are a durable and versatile alternative, installation can be slow, and the sharp edges can quickly damage cable jackets, leading to expensive replacements and possible delays to project sign off.”

Power-Tie features

Unlike heavy duty ties and banding that need specialized tools, the Gripple Power-Tie requires no tools and functions like a traditional cable tie. Unlike many traditional cable ties, Gripple says the Power-Tie will last more than 20 years thanks to high durability materials including zinc housing, ceramic rollers, and stainless-steel cable.

The Power-Tie features a wide security strap for better distribution across electrical cables, and no sharp edges, which helps minimize cable damage and replacement costs over time.

Power-Tie manufacturing

Gripple Power-Tie installed

Power-Tie is manufactured to the highest standards at Gripple factories in the UK and US. Vertically integrated and B-Corp certified, Gripple’s control over its supply chain ensures full transparency in manufacturing and product traceability. This ensures a commitment to delivering quality and sustainable supply globally.

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