Gripple showcases new CableSmart hangers at RE+ 2023

Gripple Inc., a manufacturer of bracing, anchoring, and cable management solutions for utility scale solar installations, is showcasing its new CableSmart range at the RE+ exhibition. The range includes the new redesigned CableSmart Single Hanger, alongside the recently launched CableSmart Mini Hanger and high capacity Double Hanger.

The second generation CableSmart Single Hanger is designed for home run cables and now allows for multi-core conductors up to 60mm in diameter. It features a secure clip-on system for installation to the CableSmart Messenger Kit and prevents movement. The system has a broad surface area and side loading bolt action gate.

Where larger cable capacity is required, Gripple also offers the existing CableSmart Double Hanger, which is designed to carry up to thirty 750 kcmil cables in a stacked configuration.

Gripple’s Mini Hanger is a more compact version of the Single Hanger, catering for cabling up to 32 mm width and up to 10kg/24 lbs, making it ideal for string cable management.

All of Gripple’s CableSmart hangers are UV-resistant and designed to last 30 years+ and are fully tested to operate at a safe working temperature of -40 to +158°F.

Gripple will be carrying out daily demos in its display area on the stand at RE+. Also being showcased at RE+:

  • PV racking bracing kits. These lightweight bracing kits are made of wire rope and act as a direct alternative to heavy steel bracing but use a fraction of the materials. These kits help prevent structural damage from external forces impacting the frame.
  • Ground anchors. These quick-to-install ground anchors can be used to support and complement existing foundations, such as failing piles or to add additional support to piles which have been refused.

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