Handy and Modern All-In-One Piece of Furniture


Wouldn’t it be nice if all it took to furnish a room was one piece of furniture? Well, that dream has now come true. Heri&Salli, an architecture firm from Austria have just unveiled the so-called Viennese Guest Bed, which is the only piece of furniture one needs to fully furnish a guest room.

The Viennese Guest Bed is first and foremost a bed. But it also folds out to provide a space for sitting, working, storing clothes and other belongings, and more. All the necessary storage space is part of the bed itself, minimizing the unit’s footprint. The bed is made from planks of larch wood, which protrude from the bed-space part of the structure to form the other functional spaces of it. The guest bed is comprised of four varying lengths of timber, laid one atop another in a way that creates all the different levels of this all-in-one piece of furniture.



We’ve seen a lot of these instant solutions for furnishing an empty home, though so far most have been focused on turning a single space into a fully equipped apartment or house. The Viennese Guest Bed, on the other hand, is a micro approach to the same idea, which might even be more welcome in today’s market. Especially since it fits through most doors and needs no alterations to the existing space to accommodate it.


Heri&Salli’s created this guest bed as part of the Viennese Guest Room Project, which also included designing a bathroom in the same style. This is quite an innovative solution, and I for one hope to see more such all-in-one pieces. They’re great for furnishing a vacation home, guesthouse, or a cabin, and can also quite easily be used to quickly and efficiently furnish a small permanent home.


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