HOLT Renewables installs solar system at HOLT CAT location


HOLT Renewables completed a solar installation at the HOLT CAT location in Georgetown as part of the company’s multi-year rollout plan to incorporate solar power into their own facilities. HOLT understands energy is the largest expense for many companies, and solar power is one of the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions. By implementing solar, HOLT’s goal is to improve environmental efficiency and take control of energy costs, as well as to serve as an example to others. Since 2013, HOLT has incorporated solar in many of its retail locations across the state and at its headquarters in San Antonio.

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“HOLT has a legacy of investing in innovations that help businesses grow through saving time and improving efficiency,” explained HOLT CEO and General Manager Peter J. Holt. “Installing solar panels at our own facilities helps us to gain a stronger understanding of the value this service brings to our customers.”

System details: The Georgetown facility system size is 466.11 kWdc, consisting of 1,242 CAT 370W modules that are mounted in various ways, to include reverse tilt-up, ballasted and flush mount. The system has seven 50 kW SMA TriPower inverters and will generate an estimated 691,800 kWh/year. This project is estimated to save $55,344 in electricity costs in one year.

“We have been inspired by our partners and others alike who strive to improve their operations,” said Kevin Chavez, sales operations manager at HOLT Renewables. “Incorporating solar at other HOLT-owned facilities allows us to save money, reduce emissions and remain environmentally conscious.”

HOLT Renewables conducts a solar site assessment that analyzes utility spend and use, client facilities and feasibility, models financials, and secures engineering and procurement in order to help customers analyze and implement projects to meet their goals. HOLT Renewables’ team has decades of experience creating and constructing complex solar solutions for customers nationwide.

— Solar Builder magazine

[source: https://solarbuildermag.com/news/holt-renewables-installs-solar-system-at-holt-cat-location/]



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