Home That Moves With You


Dr. Jeff Wilson, who awhile ago made a home out of a dumpster in order to learn more about sustainable living, has used his findings and knowledge to co-create an urban micro home. The Kasita, as this home is called, is designed for city life, yet can still be moved on a whim by the owner.


The design and concept of the Kasita home is based on a mash up of tiny house plans and shipping container architecture. So it is basically a container-like structure with a modest 208 sq ft (19 sq m) of interior space. Despite this, the units feature a living area, which doubles as a bedroom, as well as a bathroom with a shower, kitchenette, and even a study. To give the appearance of greater spaciousness, there is also a large, cantilevering glass front section.




The units also come equipped with a refrigerator, convection oven and cooktop, and a washer/dryer. The bedroom also features a queen-size bed, which can be stowed away when not in use. In addition to this, there are also special modular tiles, which the resident can use to install shelving, furniture, and electronic equipment.


Kasita is also a smart home, meaning it can be set to adjust the air condition upon the owner’s arrival home, making sure the lights are on only when needed, and more. It is also capable of rolling out the bed by following the owner’s voice command.

Kasita units can be used to build a larger structure by slotting them into a special rack, which is also necessary to power the homes and provide the plumbing. It is a very clever modular system, which means you can take your home with you should you decide to relocate. Provided there are racks in place in the city you wish to move to, of course. The company manufacturing them would handle the move. All the residents would have to do is call them, and then the company would move the home from the original rack and transport it to another one.

It’s quite a unique proposal, and plans are underway to build the first few units in Austin, TX as early as 2016. After that, they’re also planning to build the units in 10 other US cities by 2017. They’re estimating that the rent for the Austin units would be $600 per month. A student housing model of the Kasita is also in the works.

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