How much carbon can be offset by 4 GWs of solar micorinverters?

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This week, APsystems achieved a significant company milestone, surpassing 10 million interconnected units — a number that represents the number of solar panels served by the 4 GWs of APsystems’ MLPE products installed in markets worldwide.

APsystems provided several stats to complement the announcement and quantify the cumulative impact of these installations that felt worth sharing:

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  • These systems have generated an astounding 4 terawatt hours (4 trillion watt-hours) of renewable energy.
  • This energy generation has offset approximately 3 million tons of CO2 emissions that would typically be associated with the production of that energy.

The headline to this post is sort of a trick question. Traditional microinverters have a 1:1 ratio with solar panels. But you’ll notice that the solar panel units number is far higher than the APsystems’ MLPE tech number, and that is because APsystems is hyper focused on multi-module microinverter technology. With that strategy in mind, 4 GWs of multi-module microinverters can literally reach more solar panels / offset more carbon.

“We are thrilled to reach this significant milestone of 10 million interconnected units and the substantial energy production it represents,” said Dr. Zhi-min Ling, co-founder and chairman of APsystems. “The 4 terawatt hours of clean energy produced by our systems is a testament to the widespread adoption of our MLPE devices and their impact on global electrical generation. This achievement not only advances the transition to clean energy but also underscores our commitment to a sustainable future.”

“By eliminating carbon emissions that would typically be associated with the production of 4 terawatt hours of energy, we are making a tangible difference in the fight against climate change,” states Olivier Jacques, APsystems President of global business units. “We are proud to be at the forefront of driving sustainability in the solar industry and enabling our customers to reduce their carbon footprint.”

These numbers are reminder that all of these small scale solar projects do add up!

APsystems’ MLPE devices in this announcement include microinverters and APsmart rapid shutdown devices (RSDs) (but APstorage is also shipping soon). For more on APsystems, check out this recent episode of The Pitch:

— Solar Builder magazine



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