Incredibly Functional Towable Tiny House


The Colorado-based company Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses recently unveiled their newest tiny home creation called Rio Grande. It is a biggish tiny home, though still small enough to be easily towable.

The Rio Grande has a living space of 218 square feet (20.25 sq m) as well as 70 square feet of loft space (6.5 sq m). It is mounted on a 32-foot (9.7 m) gooseneck trailer, which was chosen by the designers because it offers more stability than other types of trailers.

The dining area is fitted with a of a fold-up table and seating that also doubles as storage space, while the kitchen area is equipped with a full-sized refrigerator, as well as a washer and dryer, wood-burning stove, and a propane range cooker. The bathroom is separated off by a sliding door, and features a full-sized bath and composting toilet. The bedroom is located in the slightly raised gooseneck part of the home and is accessible via a staircase that also contains drawers to offer extra storage space. There is also a secondary sleeping area in the loft.



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