Inxeption, Final Mile Solar team on logistics, financing offer for solar installers


Supply chain issues of all kinds affected the solar industry all year. Inxeption and Final Mile Solar are hoping to change that for solar installers going forward, teaming on an offering that spans solar panel financing, international logistics and warehousing all the way to rooftop installation and post-install steps.

Final Mile Solar is a distribution company focused on supplying, kitting and delivering all of the solar equipment straight to the roof. That equipment includes a patented rooftop rack, installers don’t need to acquire warehouses or manage large fleets of delivery vehicles. Final Mile Solar’s warehousing and logistics network will also be made available to all Inxeption customers. Final Mile has delivered over 500,000 panels as well as 22,000 homes over the last 3 years across multiple markets.

“With Inxeption’s digital infrastructure paired with Final Mile’s innovative delivery and distribution infrastructure, installers will benefit from the most robust supply chain solution in the industry,” said Nate Bendall, CEO of Final Mile Solar.

Inxeption offers installers solar equipment from manufacturers supported by a global transportation network. Inxeption’s calling cards are exclusive solar inventory, transparent pricing, streamlined delivery and extended financing terms. The industrial commerce company has announced several new noteworthy solar module partnerships the last few months.

Inxeption will serve as the exclusive procurement partner for Final Mile Solar, creating a dedicated marketplace, fulfillment and financing solution for Final Mile Solar’s nationwide installer customer base. With First Mile, installers can go from job to job without going back to their distributor or warehouse.

“Our partnership with Final Mile Solar gives our installer customers visibility into the entire solar procurement process,” said Erin Clark, president of Inxeption Energy, “and this ensures they stay on time and on budget with all their projects.”

— Solar Builder magazine



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