Inxeption seeks smaller solar installers for Solar Installer Advocacy Program


Inxeption is welcoming solar installers doing less than 500 KW of solar installs per year to join its new Solar Installer Advocacy Program (SIAP). Installers that enroll in the SIAP are listed on the Inxeption Energy webpage and benefit from a 10% discount on each Inxeption Marketplace purchase over $50,000.

The Inxeption Marketplace is a digital distribution hub for a majority of solar panel manufacturers and solar installers in the country. SIAP members will also be first to know when manufacturers are running special pricing promotions with Inxeption and be eligible for better financing terms.

“That Solar Company does business with Inxeption because of their extremely helpful reps, ease of getting products to us, and they stay very competitive with their prices,” says Bud Pierce, president of Missouri-based That Solar Company LLC, which uses Inxeption to fulfill his solar inventory needs. “We are very pleased with them and plan on having a long relationship with them.”

Inxeption CCO Josh Allen said the program is tailored to help installers like That Solar Company excel in a crowded field.  

“Solar installers are looking for better ways to procure, finance and ship their products to ensure they have the inventory needed to fulfill customer orders this summer. We’re now giving them an extra incentive to see how we have revolutionized the renewable energy procurement process and how we can help them do business better.”

Here’s an in-depth profile we wrote on Inxeption if you’d like more information.

— Solar Builder magazine



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