IronRidge XR10 Rails have unique curved shape

Iron Ridge XR10_Rail

This product was featured in the 2015 Solar Builder Roof-mount Project of the Year Winner

XR Rails from IronRidge are the structural backbone of a solar system that resist uplift, protect against buckling and safely and efficiently transfer loads into the building structure. Their superior spanning capability requires fewer roof attachments, reducing the number of roof penetrations and the amount of installation time.

Force-Stabilizing Curve Sloped roofs generate both vertical and lateral forces on mounting rails which can cause them to bend and twist. The curved shape of XR Rails is specially designed to increase strength in both directions while resisting the twisting. This unique feature ensures greater security during extreme weather and a longer system lifetime.

XR10 is a sleek, low-profile mounting rail, designed for regions with light or no snow. It achieves 6-ft spans, while remaining light and economical.

— Solar Builder magazine







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