Is Houston Solar Ready?

A review of Solar Energy implementation in the City of Houston

The U.S. Green Building Council-Texas Gulf Coast Chapter is pleased to announce the release of its first collaborative research review and publication, “Is Houston Solar Ready?”

The publication release will begin at 10 a.m. March 27 with a panel discussion on the implementation of solar in Houston. An exhibit of the latest solar technologies in Houston will also be open at that time.

The event will be at the Chapter Headquarters in the City of Houston Permitting Center, 1002 Washington Ave. Suite 208, which is also known as the second floor of the Green Building Research Center.

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The research publication was generated by USGBC volunteers and LEED accredited professionals after the question was posed by the public.

“We are an organization that is uniquely qualified to transform industry knowledge about a sustainable built environment into community solutions and answers,” said Lora-Marie Bernard, Executive Director of the USGBC-Texas Gulf Coast. “It is hoped that the launch of the publication and research program will be the centerpiece of the chapter. We will seek to learn what the community wants to know from us and then answer it through our LEED APs, our community programs and our industry education.”

Angela Bejarano, chapter research manager, said her interest in the topic stemmed from the public’s interest in the state of a technology in Houston and how it was being applied.

“At USGBC we are interested to serve as a window to present the current status of this clean technology from different angles, and identify achievements and barriers, whether possible across the different sectors,” she said.

“Is Houston Solar Ready?” is a four-page collaborative review that presents a review of the technological implementations in Houston homes, schools and commercial buildings. It also presents case studies and a record of the successes the community has had and challenges facing the use of solar energy along the Texas Gulf Coast.

Collaborating organizations that provided important support for research review are: Houston Area Research Council, City of Houston, Houston Renewable Energy Group and the Houston Community College.

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