Level Up: Fronius shares four inverter trends taking residential solar to the next level

Level up fronius reportInverter specialist Fronius has been diligently preparing a suite of new soft- and hardware solutions for residential and commercial solar applications, including an all-new single-phase inverter generation, that they believe will take solar to the “next level.”

In this Solar Business Builder white paper, Fronius explains the four attributes that will lead solar installers into this next generation:

1. Service programs
2. Adaptive system design (explained in the report)
3. Cost-effective compliance
4. Simplifying storage

“We are looking forward to presenting more solutions to solar installers. Based on Adaptive System Design, our solutions adapt to the needs of individual customers, helping to take solar to the next level,” Adrian Noronho, President and CEO of Fronius USA says.

Check out the free insight below, stop by their booth at SPI 2019 (Booth 2019) and, for even more depth, sign up for this (also free) webinar next week.


— Solar Builder magazine

[source: https://solarbuildermag.com/news/level-up-fronius-shares-four-inverter-trends-taking-residential-solar-to-the-next-level/]


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