Local Family Donates 8.9-kW Solar System to California Lagoon Foundation

Carlsbad, Calif., residents and Stellar Solar customers Peder and Julie Norby have provided the gift of renewable energy to the Agua Hedionda Lagoon Foundation in the form of an 8.9-kW solar system that will meet 45% of the Foundation’s Discovery Center electric needs and be integrated into their educational programs. Carlsbad-based Stellar Solar, one of California’s leading commercial and residential solar integrators since 1998, designed and installed the system at no cost.

Stellar Solar Agua Hedionda Lagoon FoundationPeder Norby had this to say about the donation. “As residents of Carlsbad overlooking the Agua Hedionda Lagoon watershed, we are extremely grateful for the Agua Hedionda Lagoon Foundation (AHLF) and their mission of providing stewardship and education about our irreplaceable natural spaces and resources. We are thrilled and blessed to be able to give this ‘gift of sunshine’ to this great organization. Our hope is that the foundation will be able to use their substantial energy savings over the next 25 years to augment and enhance programming as well as providing a valuable visible learning tool about the importance of clean air and clean water. We are pleased that our long-time friends at Stellar Solar, a Carlsbad-based solar company, have partnered with AHLF to help provide for a no-cost installation of the Solar PV System.”

Lisa Rodman is the Executive Director of the Foundation and is equally thrilled with the donation. “We are very excited about the solar panels and what it means to our foundation. We have had a goal of being energy neutral and with the generosity of Julie and Peder Norby as well as the partnership with Stellar Solar, our vision is nearly complete. Incorporating these solar panels into our field trip curriculum is expanding our efforts in letting our future stewards in on how important it is to engage in sustainable practices. A healthy watershed and using solar panels over other energy sources to support our efforts is what our mission speaks to; we are excited to be a model for people to emulate. We get the added benefit of saving our resources on our energy bill and reinvesting them into programs, field trips, festivals and exhibits for the community to enjoy.”

Michael Powers, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Stellar Solar, had this to say about their donation of design and installation services. “Peder and Julie Norby really walk the talk when it comes to renewable energy – in all areas of their lives. They rely on solar energy 100% to power their entire home and both of their electric vehicles. And through their experience, they demonstrate what any of us can do – by educating and giving back to the region through gifts like this and through Peder’s role as San Diego County Planning Commissioner. When they told us about this opportunity, we did not hesitate to help out by donating our design and installation services.”

— Solar Builder magazine

[source: http://solarbuildermag.com/news/local-family-donates-8-9-kw-solar-system-california-lagoon-foundation/]

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