LONGi focuses on DG solar in 2021, debuts Hi-MO series 4 module for residential, commercial applications

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In early 2019, LONGi launched its Hi-MO 4 series high-efficiency PV modules for full scenario applications based on the M6 (166mm) standard monocrystalline wafer and PERC technology. Within a year of mass production, the Hi-MO 4 series achieved 10GW in global shipments. LONGi has re-focused on the specific demands of the DG market, officially launching its new 66C type Hi-MO 4 monofacial PV module (Hi-MO 4m). With an area of about 2 m2, weight of 22 kg and power of 410-420W, the new module can be widely used on rooftops in residential, industrial and commercial applications. LONGi will also expand the capacity of its dedicated DG production line to 10 GW in 2021.

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In addition to 66C, the Hi-MO 4m series also offers 60C and 72C types. These three products cover power ranges of 370-385w, 410-420W and 450-460W, with maximum efficiency of up to 21%, providing DG users with wider flexibility and options. Its size and weight are designed to match the requirements of DG system installations and application scenarios.

In terms of electrical matching, the current at maximum power of the Hi-MO 4m module is lower than 11A, which is a perfect match for the various brands of string inverters, power optimizers and micro inverters available worldwide. It makes full use of the design margin of the equipment and avoids the loss of power generation or mismatch caused by current limiting.

longi series 4

For residential rooftops …

Flexible matching & efficient capacity expansion. The Hi-MO 4m 60C module (area of 1.82 m2, weight of 19.5kg, width of 1.04m) is most suitable in terms of convenient installation due to its moderate size and weight. In some countries and regions, modules of larger size and weight can also be installed on residential roofs. LONGi therefore also provides 66C (22.0kg) and 72C (23.5kg) options. The width of the module is standardized, while three different length options allow the Hi-MO 4m series to maximize the photovoltaic system’s installation capacity in residential rooftops.

For C&I roofs…

In terms of installation type, in addition to tiling installation on inclined roofs and installation with the optimal inclination angle on flat roofs, the “4-point installation on short frame” on flat roofs is adopted in some developed countries for lower installation cost and improved system capacity. In this special application scenario, the Hi-MO 4m 66C format module outperforms other modules. Compared with conventional module products, it not only achieves stable and efficient power output, but also has higher resistance to wind and snow loads.

— Solar Builder magazine

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