Magnum’s MLT4000S Solar Hybrid Portable Light Tower

Magnum light towerDeveloped in cooperation with the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC), Magnum’s MLT4000S Solar Hybrid Light tower offers a greener, more efficient way to illuminate construction jobsites. During the day, a solar-panel array charges the light tower’s batteries for nighttime operation. If cloudy or inclement weather prevents the batteries from fully charging, a propane-powered Generac generator turns on automatically and recharges the batteries until the solar panels can take over.
Unlike diesel, propane does not degrade over time, reducing fuel-related performance problems. Propane also emits fewer carbon dioxide emissions and toxic pollutants than diesel, improving air quality and worker safety on the jobsite. PERC is offering buyers a $3,500 incentive to purchase the MLT4000S through its Propane Heat & Power Incentive Program. Here are the specs:

Electrical Controls

780 watts of solar power
8 AGM solar batteries
Auto/Manual light control — with a 7 day programmable on/off light timer for unmanned performance
Battery monitor with auto/manual hybrid backup charging


Generac air cooled LPG (Propane) & Kubota (Diesel) engines
24 VDC 100amp battery charging generator
Smart Start mode — maintains battery level on cloudy days
Quiet Operation

NEW Vertical Mast

5 section durable tubular steel mast
Single electric winch — effortless rapid deployment
Lamp adjustment step platform for easy lamp access and adjustment
360 degree mast rotation from ground level with locking system for flexible illumination

NEW Magnum LED LIghts

(4) 110W LED light fixtures – save money, use less power
Fixtures are 100 percent serviceable, all parts are replaceable
Dual fixture floodlight on/off switches
360 degree fixture rotation for flexible light focus
Long life, energy efficient and vibration resistant

— Solar Builder magazine



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