Manual Dishwasher Saves Water and Electricity


On the whole, dishwashers are better than hand washing dishes when it comes to water efficiency, though it is harder to figure out which method is more energy efficient. The new dishwashing device called Circo Independent, designed by Chen Levin, takes electricity needed to heat the water out of the equation, making using it a pretty sustainable choice.

The Circo Independent is a manual dishwasher that uses only 0.7 gallons of water per washing load. Since electricity is not needed to power it, it must be operated via a hand crank. According to the developers, the Circo can wash a small load of dishes in one minute.

The first step in using the machine is pulling out a tray on the bottom of it and filling it with water, sodium acetate tablets (which heat up the water), and a small amount of dish soap. Next, the plates and other dishes are loaded and the user must turn the crank to wash the load. The Circo dishwasher works on the basis of a centrifuge mechanism, which sprays water up from the base and cleans the dishes in a very similar fashion to the way a normal dishwasher works.


Once the cleaning cycle is complete, the machine also works as a drying rack. This involves simply opening the door and letting the dishes air dry, or the user can pull out the loading part and place it on top of the device for faster drying.

The Circo dishwasher is relatively small and can only wash about two place settings at a time, but being so small also makes it a lot more useful. It works great for camping, tiny homes, small city apartments and anywhere else where there is no room for a full dishwasher. In terms of size, the Circo takes up about the same amount of space as a drying rack, and it cleans dishes faster and much more efficiently than hand washing them. It also does not impact the power bill at all, and is a great alternative for people who can’t afford a normal dishwasher.

The Circo manual dishwasher is currently in the final prototype stage, and its creator is looking for investors to start production. It looks promising, so I hope it makes it to market soon.

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